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Pathways to Health, Confidence, Success and Happiness

Psychotherapy and Counselling

My primary counselling approach is called ‘Human Givens’, although there are other many other effective pathways which I often include.

As a human givens therapist I offer reliable and practical help for all the below mentioned conditions and problems. Without 'psychobabble' and using the best current knowledge about resolving difficulties, and utitlising up-to-date hypnotherapy techniques, I can help you move on with your life as quickly as possible.

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The Human Givens approach is supported by Primary Care Mental Health Education (Primhe), affiliated with the Royal College of General Practitioners.

The Human Givens approach draws on the latest findings from psychology and neurobiology about how people really function and what we need to lead fulfilling lives. It also takes into account international research studies that have established which psychotherapeutic techniques are the most effective for relieving a wide range of emotional distress and behavioural difficulties.

Although we are unique individuals, we all come into the world with the same basic physical and emotional needs: physical needs such as for air, sustenance, shelter and warmth and emotional ones, such as for security, attention, being emotionally connected with others, feeling in control, having status and the sense that life is meaningful, which comes from being healthily stretched in our lives.

It is a law of nature that if we are getting our innate needs met in a balanced way, we cannot become stressed or develop mental illness.

Everyone's situation is different, but we aim to take as few sessions as possible and you can fully expect improvements to begin from the first session.

Therapists, counsellors and psychiatrists trained in the Human Givens approach focus on finding out what exactly is preventing a distressed person from getting their innate needs met and helping them to do something about it by using their innate resources creatively in new ways.

I am able to offer practical help in the here and now, based on a sound body of scientific knowledge and skills that have been proven to be effective.

As a Human Givens therapists I have also been trained in the "rewind technique" which is being used across the country to help military veterans suffering from PTSD.

Counselling , psychotherapy and coaching available in Glasgow and Edinburgh or via Skype ( where appropriate ) for the following:

Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety, depression and anger cause many people to seek help. The problem is that some forms of therapy are known to make many disorders worse. Conversely, the right type of counselling can be more effective than drug treatments, as many doctors recognise - and there are not unwanted side effects!

How does human givens therapy relieve depression?
Human Givens therapists work with the fundamental truth that people do not develop mental illness when their innate emotional needs are being met in balance. Working with this organising idea they employ techniques from various therapies that have proven effective (interpersonal, cognitive behavioural, solution focused) plus they add the new knowledge you have just read above that shows the importance of vividly creating new expectations in the mind of the patient to 'kick-start' them again.


Addictions and Anger Problems

Addiction can be beaten by many people without necessarily becoming dependent on a recovery group and without having to consider yourself as an 'addict' for the rest of your life.

To get away from addictive behaviour it is necessary to understand two things: the way these reward mechanisms work, and the way life should be constructed in order to receive the natural rewards that make addictive activities less attractive.

A human givens therapist will work with people who have compulsive behaviours to help them get their real emotional needs met and acquire the strategies and understanding that will enable them to walk away from danger and embrace a whole life.
Please download the Hypnotherapy Script.


Couples Counselling and Relationship problems

A relationship that is not going well can cause enormous sorrow and distress in your life and also in the lives of family members. Even if you are experiencing a minor difficulty you might find trouble sleeping or eating or being able to focus on your work. More serious problems can cause your health to deteriorate and make you prone to illness, anxiety and depression. More serious still and you can find that your whole life is falling apart.

Having fulfilling and meaningful relationships are one of the ‘human givens’. A basic need upon which people thrive. It has even been shown that happily married people live longer. Whether the relationship that is in difficulty is with a spouse, a life partner or even a friend, taking the time and getting the help needed to work through it could be one of the best things you have ever invest in.

It is worth remembering too that one of our closest relationships is with  selves. When we have trouble truly loving ourselves then our relationships with others will suffer. Childhood issues, trauma and the blows that life has dealt out can cause damage to that relationship. I am more than happy to help you explore any of these issues if you feel you would like that specific help.

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place" - George Bernard Shaw


Panic Attacks, Phobias and PTSD

Coping with life in the aftermath of a trauma can sometimes become even more of a nightmare than the original event, with on-going strong and painful emotions, anxiety that feels completely out of control with persistent frightening thoughts and memories or flashbacks of the ordeal.

We have two kinds of bad memories. Those that fade with the passage of time but can be recalled as an ordinary narrative about an event and another kind which does not fade away as time passes but may even become worse. These are the memories that are usually connected with a life threatening or other serious event and are embedded deeply in the brain as a ‘survival template’. These kinds of memories need to be treated so that they do not continue to fire off the strong emotions at inappropriate times, causing suffering and trouble for the rest of the person’s life and leading to the symptoms we associate with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

‘Any uncontrolled, persistent or irrational fear that is accompanied by a compelling desire to avoid the object, activity or situation that provokes the fear is called a phobia’. However, in the brain, the same neuronal pathways are involved as in PTSD.

I can show you effective techniques that will help you to take back control of your life. They can help with nightmares or flashbacks that you may be experiencing, with mood swings, inexplicable and uncontrollable anger, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, or with hyper-vigilance. One of the most reliable ways to do this is with the ‘Rewind Technique’. This is a guided imagery technique, which allows the brain to revisit the traumatic events in a calm and dissociated way, enabling it to reinterpret the memory patterns as
non-threatening. The wonderful advantage of this technique is that victims do not have to tell details of what has happened to them and works equally well with phobias.

Keep in mind too that some events that happen in childhood, which as adults we may think of as being fairly ‘trivial’ may be continuing to have a significant effect on the brain.

"For all the happiness mankind can gain Is not in pleasure but in rest from pain" - John Dryden​


OCD Obsession

In OCD is an anxiety disorder and interferes with the ability to think straight and concentrate. OCD can dominate normal routines and activities and may even cause you to avoid certain places or things. There are many effective treatments for OCD and Obsessions including relaxation techniques, finding out what emotional needs are not being met in your life to see where your stresses are coming from, and education about how OCD and Obsessions ‘bully’ you into certain behaviours. The Rewind Technique and guided imagery can also be very beneficial for sufferers. 


Poor Sleep and more...

‘The Human Givens Approach is a set of organizing ideas that provides a holistic, scientific framework for understanding the way individuals and society work. At its core is a highly empowering idea – that human beings, like all organic beings, come into the world with a set of needs. If those needs are met appropriately it is not possible to be mentally ill.’

If you are interested in reading more about this approach and how I can help you then do explore further by reading about the Human Givens & Your Needs on The Human Givens Institute website