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I managed to regain my equilibrium when all of lifes chaos finally took its toll

My time spent with Christine has been life changing. Her warmth radiates through everything she has taught me and helped support me through. With Christines expertise I managed to regain my equilibrium when all of lifes chaos finally took its toll.

During my second session we practised the Rewind technique to help release previous trauma which had been trapped and seemingly creating unhealthy patterns in my life.

The experience during the session was almost surreal and the affects of the technique were immediate! I almost couldnt believe how effective the technique was and I came out of therapy on a high with a huge smile across my face. For the first time in a long time I felt joy, hope and excitement again. Infact, I could feel again. My head wasnt bogged down and overloaded, I could think clearly again and was able to process one thing at a time, literally, a humungous weight had been lifted.


Later on that evening I realised there was an internal process happening that I was able to observe. It was like I was observing my own thought process but objectively. I noticed that my brain was trying to reconstruct its old pattern of thoughts to triger the usual emotional reaction from me but it wasnt working. I started laughing while I was observing this obscure process happening internally. It was like something had shifted and with this shift, it had broken that unhealthy connection between the thought and emotional response to it. The chain reaction had been broken and these thoughts had no more power over me. It was amusing to observe because it seemed like my brain was waiverng bait to my emotions but getting no reaction and i was left in peace. Even the thoughts werent emerging fully, my brain was trying to reconstruct the old thoughts that used to effect me but they were gone, deep into my memory bank.


The Rewind Technique was profoundly succesful with me but not only that, it was well rounded by the support I recieved from Christine as well.


Miss D Glasgow

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