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My Experience of the Rewind Technique

In my early teens I was involved in a traumatic event which at the time seemed so dreadful that I couldn’t tell anyone.  I felt there was no one I could turn to, so I bottled it all up.  Looking back I can see that for several years I was actually quite badly depressed, however I eventually moved on and in my later teens and as an adult I had an interesting life, did lots of challenging and rewarding things  - life gave me many opportunities and I felt very lucky, however I always felt as if I had to keep busy to escape from something - whatever that something was.   Feelings of fear occasionally surfaced and I  did have a few, usually short,  bursts of depression, but nothing which felt overwhelming, although as the years went on I did feel I had to run faster and faster to keep ahead of whatever it was I was fleeing from.

By the time I retired I was certainly a workaholic and I decided that I now had an opportunity to learn to be calmer, more reflective life and if necessary acknowledge at the things I’d run from for so many years.  Sadly this didn’t work. I went worse - I had bad nightmares - terrors in fact, night sweats, palpitations, nameless fears ...  I tried psychotherapy - the first therapist helped a little, the second a great deal.  I also tried antidepressants for a few months, but felt they were only sticking plaster which didn’t change the underlying problem. Once on the antidepressants I became lethargic and developed chronic fatigue, which despite trying changes in diet and supplements plus a two day course in how to overcome ME/CFS, I went steadily worse.  Eventually I got a virus infection which left me totally drained, unable to lead a life - I couldn’t cook, clean or garden and at times struggled to feed myself.


I then contacted Christine Lauritsen, initially about diet - although for years I had been on what should have been an excellent diet. She advised minor alterations to my diet and a change in supplements, but we also talked about my emotional problems and she suggested the Rewind Technique as used by Human Givens Therapists. I had two or three session on Skype with Christine, then we met face to face. I hoped the rewind would help - I was desperate and needed something to work! I sat in a comfortable chair.  Christine made suggestions to help me feel calm and relaxed, then carried out the Rewind. The whole thing took about 45 minutes.  I was totally unprepared for what happened.  As the session was ending I found I had a smile on my face. I felt as if a massive burden had disappeared and found myself thinking 'It’s gone forever', although the Doubting Thomas in me started to question this over the next few days, but now, 12 weeks on, I know it is true.  The difference is quite amazing, the pain, dissonance, fear, sweats, nightmares, palpations, abdominal tension have all disappeared.  Yes occasionally I tense my abdominal muscles when stressed, or I feel anxious about something, but the base load which I’d carried for 50 years is gone. Furthermore I can remember the incident, regret that it happened, but not feel the old panic, shame, terror.


My energy levels are slowly improving, I’m eating better and starting to gain weight, which my body really needs.  Nutritional tests have shown that I have Candida, that I am not digesting or absorbing my food properly, so have actually got malnutrition.  I’ve made further changes to my diet and am on an array of supplements.


I now feel confident that I will regain my health, but the miracle is the  transformation in my head which the 45 minute  Rewind brought about. Whatever my future brings, I can now sit comfortably in my head.

Mrs C  Wales

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