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We have seen a huge improvement in his health

Hi Christine, Herewith the promised testimonial. Please edit as you feel fit - it was quite hard putting so much into such a small space!

We took quite a lot of persuading to go down the nutrition route for our 14 year old son. However after 3 years of illness, and, in the past year, continuous stomach pain, possibly as a result of various prescribed drugs over that three year period, we finally contacted Christine. She listened to his whole medical history, and now, after five months of being on her diet and supplement programme, tailored to Tom’s needs, we have seen a huge improvement in his health. He is back to school full time, rather than the 50% of the previous 2 years. He was unable to take much exercise due to fatigue and the chronic stomach pain he had on a daily basis; he is now playing rugby again and last week walked the school 18km sponsored walk.
Christine has patiently guided and supported us and her help and expertise has been invaluable.

Mrs G


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