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After trying several other counsellors, I found Christine's web pages and arranged counselling. I have found that she is the only one who really seems to understand my complicated situation and is supporting me through it - no judgement, and she also can treat me physically as well as emotionally which makes more sense.

My time spent with Christine has been life changing. Her warmth radiates through everything she has taught me and helped support me through. With Christines expertise I managed to regain my equilibrium when all of lifes chaos finally took its toll.

During my second session we practised the Rewind technique to help release previous trauma which had been trapped and seemingly creating unhealthy patterns in my life.

In my early teens I was involved in a traumatic event which at the time seemed so dreadful that I couldn’t tell anyone.  I felt there was no one I could turn to, so I bottled it all up.  Looking back I can see that for several years I was actually quite badly depressed, however I eventually moved on and in my later teens and as an adult I had an interesting life, did lots of challenging and rewarding things  - life gave me many opportunities and I felt very lucky, however I always felt as if I had to keep busy to escape from something - whatever that something was.   Feelings of fear occasionally surfaced and I  did have a few, usually short,  bursts of depression, but nothing which felt overwhelming, although as the years went on I did feel I had to run faster and faster to keep ahead of whatever it was I was fleeing from.

Hi Christine, Herewith the promised testimonial. Please edit as you feel fit - it was quite hard putting so much into such a small space!

After about 5-6 weeks on the diet and supplements I had put him on, I received these e-mail from the mother of an 8 year old boy with dyslexia. We are both so very excited.