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Thursday, 05 March 2015 13:32

Nutrition for the mind

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I spent most of last week and  the week-end putting together a draft outline for a talk I am planning to give on how important it is for our emotional and mental well-being to eat healthy and nutritious food. It reminded me of one of the very first books that I read on mental health, when I was still a physiotherapist.

 I had completed my nutritional therapy training and it was just before I became a counsellor using the Human Givens approach.  It was called Potatoes not Prozac.

A little book written in 1998 by Kathleen DesMaisons and was subtitled 'A natural seven-step dietary plan to control depression, food cravings and weight gain'.  In it she says that millions of people are sugar sensitive and the foods they turn to for comfort actually trigger feelings of exhaustion, hopelessness and low self-esteem. I can testify to all of that not only from my own personal experience but from the experience of hundreds of my clients.

All is not lost! If you are feeling TATT ( tired all the time) , exhausted, depressed and hopeless then start with your diet. Ditching  the sugar is the first step. Ditching the refined foods is the second . From there you are up and running.... Start searching sites for more information or follow my posts. Make more and more changes towards eating healthily. What are you waiting for? This is your life... Live it!!


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Christine Lauritsen

Christine Lauritsen qualified as a Physiotherapist at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in 1975 and  worked  in a number of NHS hospitals before spending the next 16 years travelling abroad as a military wife. On return to UK she continued to work in a number of NHS and BUPA hospitals as an orthopaedic physiotherapist.  She was also physiotherapist to a Fife Rugby Club before training as a Nutritional Therapist and starting her own Private Physiotherapy and Nutritional Therapy Clinic in Aberdeenshire in 1994. She now runs a busy practice in Glasgow but also sees clients in Edinburgh and via Skype consutlations.

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